Nature Meets Technology

With the slogan “Nature Meets Technology”, all Natasha’s products are made from natural botanical-based ingredients, processed by PT. Dion Farma Abadi. Located at Jalan Yogya Solo KM 18, Kemudo, Prambanan, Klaten Regency, Central Java. DFA has been certified by the CPKB (Good Cosmetic Processing Method) and BPOM CPOB (Good Drug Processing Method).

Nanosome Technology

The entire production uses Nanosome technology, which is a process of changing the particles to be 2 million times smaller, so that absorption into the skin will be more effective.

Liposome Technology

The particles produced through nanotechnology are then wrapped in small bubbles (vesicles) made of the same material as the cell membrane, thereby reducing irritation when they are absorbed into the skin.

Advance Cosmetology Machines

Likewise, the treatments at each Natasha clinic are all treatments using high technology, such as: Natasha Laser Dual Yellow, Natasha Laser Peel, Natasha Intense Pulse Light Plus, Natasha Laser CO2, Natasha Platelet Rich Plasma, Natasha Photodynamic Therapy, Natasha Botanic Mesoteraphy. Modern, Natasha Prionic Radiofrequency, Natasha Passive Exercise, Natasha Diamond Peel and many more.
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