NATASHA cooperates with SAP expedition for Regular shipping method. Regular delivery estimates are 3-5 working days for Java Island areas and 5-10 working days to areas outside Java Island.

to check the delivery receipt can be through the official SAP website at

if you are having problems with delivery, please contact our call center at 0813-2647-8958.

for product exchange / claim requirements (damaged, missing, wrong product): must include a complete unboxing video without editing and reported 1×24 hours from the time the package is received.

changing the payment method can be done through the order menu on my account.

OTP number will be sent via message to the registered number.

NATASHA currently uses SAP expedition with Regular service type

To find the nearest clinic location, please select our clinic menu on the dashboard.

For product related info, please refer to the product description on the shopping menu.

To check the products in the cart, you can select the cart icon on the top right side of your page.

To change the address data, you can select the address menu in the My Account menu.

to search for products, you can select the search icon on the top right side of your page.

To search for products by category, you can select the product category or price filter on the shopping menu.

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